Leadient RoadWith Leadient, you’ll be able to use a unique value-first approach to both increase the value of your leads and the conversions your marketing collateral like a PDF report, whitepaper, or any other document gets.

You won’t be restricted to the traditional "squeeze page to email optin to content download” paradigm. Instead, you’ll be able to “demo” your content to your visitors first. When your potential customers have experienced the value you provide, Leadient will display an optin box right inside your content.

That means more signups. In fact, early tests show up to 263% increase in conversions compared to the traditional approach - and also, higher quality leads, because your visitors will be already pre-exposed to your company’s message.

It also lets your marketing campaign to avoid forcing your customer to switch their attention to their email inbox. The whole signup process happens seamlessly within your content, meaning you never lose your potential customer in the early stages of your marketing funnel.

Leadient is a great way to improve the return on your inbound (and outbound) marketing investment - and we invite you to try us out today!

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